Yellow Lube

Product description

Waterjet Thread Protection


Yellow Lube Water Blasting Thread Protection is a thread lubricant designed to protect and seal stainless NPT fittings. In high pressure applications such as water blasting, steps to creating a seal are as follows:

1.   Be sure the fitting is clean and dry.
2.   Apply Yellow Lube to all mating surfaces.
3.   Make fitting up hand tight.
4.   Using a wrench or other device, tighten the connection one to one and a quarter full turns.
5.   Solid metal to metal seal will have been established: the crest of the threads will be buried in the root, but without galling.


Yellow Lube Water Blasting Thread Protection eliminates wear and galling. Yellow Lube adheres to heavily loaded rotating, reciprocating or sliding parts. It may be used on any heavily loaded equipment that would normally be lubricated with an extreme pressure grease. Yellow Lube is a film forming lubricant having a strong polar attraction to metal. During use, a chemical reaction occurs on areas subjected to heavy loading and frictional heat. This reaction creates a resilient, self-lubricating layer in the metal surface that helps prevent further abrasive contact.