½"BSPM Sewer kit Van Pack

Product description

½"BSP male (1/8") nozzle kit.

Nozzle kits are value priced assortments of nozzles which save 15 - 20% compared to purchasing items individually.
Like all of our nozzles, the kits are custom made (calculated ceramic inserts) to match your jetting equipment’s flow and pressure specifications.
The result is optimized and fast cleaning performance from your jetting unit.
Each kit is package in a convenient and rugged cut out storage case, with the right tools for mounting the nozzles on the hose, for each application the right tool in the kit.

⅛”Button tip nozzle with and one without front jet ø 12 mm. incl. plastic washers –  round jet drop-inn nozzle - 10xo-ring for drop-inn nozzles 
stored in box – Round jet nozzle for different nozzle holder Uraca - Pointed nozzle ½"BSPM with ceramic inserts - Pointed nozzle 1/8"BSPF - spin jet 1/8"BSPF 2x90°/ 2x45° - spin jet ¼"BSPF 3 different angles -½"BSPM drilled nozzle with and one without front jet ø 30 mm. - Rotornozzle ½"BSPM ø 28 mm. 3x15° pulling in body and 3 x spinning diferent angles all ceramic  - Rotornozzle ½"BSPM ø 38 mm. 3x15° pulling in body and 3 x spinning diferent angles all ceramic - 1 x pulling nozzle ½"BSPM short model with ceramic inserts - 1 x pulling nozzle ½"BSPM long model with ceramic inserts - spray WD-40 - nozzle cleaner - 3x tools (Stahlwille) to mount nozzle on hose - 1 x storage box, nice cut out.

Part Number complete set: SJP-1-D2
Part Number complete set ½"BSPF excl.adapters - round jet nozzles and o-rings: SJP-1-D-BSP