½"BSPF "All round" sewer nozzle case

350 Bar

Product description

To properly protect the Minigator (½"BSPF) kit we can supply a excellent case, this case is a carefully choise of the customer, of course you can change it however you like to have it, before we cut it out for you we will send you a picture with the parts on the foam, if you agree we will cut the parts out for you.

We will calculate the nozzle setting for you according flow & pressure of the unit, we will put a sticker on the box with the flow & pressure and if you want unit number / licence plate so the suitcase is only suitable for that unit.

This ½"All Round kit is a carefully choose, only suitable for ½"BSP connection for all kind of sewer cleaning work like removing blockages - urinary stone (Minigator) and greese (rotor nozzle)