Mini-gator ½"

350 Bar

Product description

The Mini-gator Nozzle is the compact version of the Primus 1 nozzle

Mini-gator nozzles were developed and precisely manufactured in Germany to meet to the highest technical standards.

Tempered stainless steel is the primary material of its construction, allowing the nozzle to be operated by pressurized potable or recycled water.

High performance ceramic clutch discs and angles of jet incidence in the cleaning head control the speed of rotation.

These nozzles require no lubrication or replacement of internal mechanical parts during the first year of operation, making this nozzle very user-friendly.

Grease, mineral deposits and small roots don’t stand a chance against the Minigator

Technical Details :

  • Dimensions : Ø 40 x 110 mm.
  • Weight : 0,65 kg.
  • Connection : ½"BSP female
  • Water consuming from 30 ltr./min. - 120 ltr./min,
  • Max. Working pressure up to 350 bar 
  • Effective cleaning area Ø 70 - Ø 225 mm. (3"- 9") 
  • Nozzle Patern : 4 x M6 ceramic rotating head -1 x M6 steel front 15° of centre
  • Part number Minigator complete : 5022K.12

  • Suitcase Minigator, Part number : SJP-5022
  • Centralizer ø 200 mm. Part number : 5023

P/N Rioned© : (no suitcase)