⅛"BSPF "All round" sewer nozzle case

350 Bar

Product description

Nozzle kits are value priced assortments of nozzles which save you money compared to purchasing items individually.

Like all of our nozzles, the kits are custom made (correct inserts) to match your jetting unit flow and pressure specifications, in this case we normally do max, flow who is 30-40 ltr./min. through this connection.

The result is optimized and fast cleaning performance from your jetting unit.

Each kit is package in a convenient and rugged cut out storage case.

This popular kit is custom made to work with only ⅛"BSPF connection for the smaller tubes.


  • Rotor nozzle ⅛"BSPF ø 12 mm. drilled holes with brake 1366
  • Rotor nozzle ⅛"BSPFø 12 mm. drilled holes 200049970
  • Mini egg ⅛"BSPF ø 16 mm. drilled holes with front jer 1086-S
  • Mini egg ⅛"BSPF ø 16 mm. drilled holes without front jet(1087-S
  • Quattro nozzle ⅛"BSPF ø 16 drilled holes 2-6160011
  • Stuurnozzle ⅛"BSPF ø 12 mm. 15-504-011U
  • Mini nozzle 12 ⅛"BSPF pulling only 63-308/30
  • Mini nozzle 12 ⅛"BSPF pulling + front 63-317/30
  • Siliconen Spray 5032227319875
  • Nozzle cleaningset 15-099-125
  • Kunststof waterdichte koffer 171305 volledig uitgesneden 190x170x60mm.
  • Ethafoam 220 layer 30 mm. ETHA30
  • Part number complete set SJP-18